In 2011, Tristan Mayer established his small business after already having 15 years of residential and commercial experience under his belt.

Before starting his business, Tristan was working as a general contractor overseeing and supervising contractors from many different trades in the field (e.g., carpenters, plumbers, electricians, insulators, painters, drywallers, etc. This wide range of experience allowed Tristan to flourish since he utilized many different skill sets, allowing him to do mostly any interior work inside of peoples homes. Tristan’s exceptional knowledge base coupled with his superior problem solving skills helps him to remodel your home... into your dream home!

Currently, Tristan has over 20 years of experience and has become more specialized in residential bathroom and kitchen remodels.

Without looking to go into this field, the work found Tristan after people began noticing his meticulous tiling and carpentry skills. He is unique in that he does all of his own work and is on every single job from start to finish. He does his own plumbing electric, and paint etc. The only work he needs to refer out to other highly reliable sources, would typically involve aspects of the job regarding: design, glass, countertops, and any major electric or plumbing work.

Every job is tailored to each of the customer’s individualistic needs for their homes.

That being said, customers can choose their favorite products, including tile, fixtures, lighting etc. Though he can also recommend some of the highest quality products and great local resources if you need further assistance for you job. If you’re looking for a trustworthy and reliable contractor who offers personalized service, and who demonstrates perfectionistic and detail-oriented work, then you should choose Tristan Mayer!


Prep work is crucial and it must be done right the first time around.

Why pay for something that is poor quality & short lived? After doing this type of work for many years, we know what works best. My helpers and I are knowledgeable about the high quality products we use for each individual job from grout, plumbing fittings, electric fixtures, trim, paint, windows, doors, decking, and material to build shower benches, niches, etc.



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